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All news and info will stand here :)

We have got a point system that works like this:
You get +6 point for every post you posts in some forums you can get +10 points when you post, you also get +1 points to vote Positive and -1 points to vote in a negative vote ;)

After much thinking, we found that we could use the point system to buy ranks/titles and Animals. Feel free to post to get points! and buy some cool animals and ranks/titles in the shop!
We have also got a thank button, where you can thank others post :)
All the thanks and points are standing in a users profile ;)

We are planning to have a contest where you can win points c:

Info for the site c:

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Info for the site c:

Post by Galaxy on Sun Aug 12, 2012 10:06 pm

Hello all! Smile
Circle of life is a new forum made by Nekare/Galaxy
Its a RP forum where you can choose self what animal you want to be Smile
Since the forum is so new, do we need mods and admins (the ranks will be changed to ALphas, Betas and gammas soon Wink )
We have a new system, all members that posts gets +1 points and when they get enough points, they can buy Animals or ranks/titles in the forum!
The shop will be up soon and then you post what you want and the alphas will fix it Wink ^^
You can't buy points, ranks, animals or titles for real money, so this site is free Smile
Its just to post topics to get points Wink

//About the forums//
The forum called ''the life'' is a forum where you can make your own pack/place and RP there with your friends and RP family Smile
The lion's cliff is a RP place, all can RP there, the same is with all the other RP forums like The fish's river and the antelope's field Smile
In ''The circle of life'' can you post free and you can post what you want.

Topics with swears and bad things will be deleted by the staff Smile

Have fun!

Site owner
Site ownerAlphaHusky

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